The Byrd (Salmon Stew)
The Byrd (Salmon Stew)
The Byrd (Salmon Stew)

The Byrd (Salmon Stew)

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Bring the fiber of our fields to
your family with The Byrd.
Nonnie's hearty Salmon Stew
recipe is featured on our simple
and soft natural color hand towel.

This savory stew is perfect for filling your
family up or for sharing as a comforting
meal for a loved one.
Cultivated and crafted in the Carolinas.
100% ring spun cotton hand towel.
15 x 34 inches with cotton twill loop.
All natural color.
Woven from locally grown upland cotton
harvested from our family farm
in Darlington, South Carolina.
The most excellent fibers are selected
from our crop to be ginned, spun,
woven, and sewn - all within a 500 mile
round trip journey through the Carolinas
and back to our farm.


Machine wash cold with mild detergent
or hand-wash with mild detergent.
Tumble dry low. Do not bleach.