Our Farm

Farming isn't a job. Farming isn't a career.
Farming is a lifestyle.
There's just something about the principle of sowing and reaping. It requires a hardworking hand and a trusting heart. Long days and sleepless nights are hitched to a faith that can move mountains - or at the very least a rain cloud. Woodard Farms has loved and labored through the sowing and reaping since 1962. Our third generation family farm is located in Darlington County, South Carolina and is owned and operated by Frankie Woodard and his two sons, Wes and Ty. We grow not only cotton, but also soybeans, corn, peanuts and Black Angus beef cattle.
We're passionate about our family's legacy in agriculture and the privilege of stewarding the land and animals that supply and feed not just our family, but the world. Our responsibility to the land, the resources, and our community is something we take very seriously as we work to implement the most efficient and responsible agricultural practices - through soil conservation techniques, precision application, GPS technology and water conservation.
We are not just a family that farms - but a farm family. Everyone in the family - not just the fields - takes on the weight of the seasons on the farm. From long days planting and harvesting to the destruction or abundance brought on by the weather - we all play our part in cultivating Woodard Farms.
We're not just growing crops and cattle, but a legacy of faith and character in our generations to come. We're sowing and reaping with our children's children in mind - with a hope that they will not just build on our tradition of agriculture, but also our legacy of faith and trust in Jesus.