Our Story

For three generations, the Woodard family has put their hand and heart
into the fertile soil of Darlington, South Carolina.
A passion to steward the land and its fruits began with Frank Woodard, Jr. as he purchased the first plot of farmland nestled within the sprawling rural landscape of Darlington County in 1960. He passed the dream and determination to sow and reap not only crops, but a legacy of stewardship and family to his sons and grandsons. Over the decades, Woodard Farms has grown in every sense, but still reaps a harvest from that very plot of land where it all began.
[ Frank Woodard, Jr. with his son, Frankie, and two grandsons, Ty and Wes in 2000. ]
Covered in Cotton was sown from that same seed planted five decades ago - the dream to cultivate something lasting and a harvest that impacts families beyond our fields. With a vision to create a product from our locally grown upland cotton, we spent years dreaming of a way to share not just our story, but the story of agriculture. In December 2017, Covered in Cotton was born with a mission to cultivate.
Family and farm are knit together at the center of Covered in Cotton as we've worked closely with all local family-owned businesses right in our backyard of the Carolinas. Our commitment is to invest in American families and businesses - with a promise to remain proudly made in the USA.